"Women Speak"

May 22, 2021, 1-3PM

The Towngate Theater

Oglebay Institute, Virtual Performance  - Must Register to Attend

Email: womenofappalachia@gmail.com for the registration link

Women residing in, or having strong ties to, any of the 420 Appalachian counties are eligible to submit.

The Women of Appalachia Project™ encourages participation from women of diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences to come together, inviting submissions of spoken word and fine art, shared in public forums and annual chapbooks. Artists share culture and experiences at arranged venues, embrace issues of marginalization and stereotype; creating a force, unified and non-violently confrontational, to show the whole women, beyond superficial factors often used to judge her.

We believe that all women are capable, courageous, creative and inspired.

We tell our stories through our art.

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